Margarita Granita Bellini Machine


7 Reasons to Buy from Us

We'er always ready to answer your questions without using voice mail.

We thoroughly test equipment before shipping.

We have the "BEST" product for our lines of equipment.

We offer the best price/value ratio in the industry.

We'll trade up the machine you buy with minimal loss to you.

We'll help you get the most out of the equipment you purchase.

Most extensive parts stock for most machines in the USA and we smile when we serve you!

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Yes! We've Got it!

One thing I've hated the most since going into this business is misleading a prospective customer as well as a customer about the responsiblity that the manufacturer (almost exclusively European) assumes when a machine is sold in the United States. It is unfair to lead a customer in believing that the manufacturer stands behind the machine you are about to purchase with a 2 year warranty when it is absolutely not the case. It's funny how credible the guy from Houston is trying to be when he states, catagorically, that the granita machine company he deals with has a 2 year warranty. To the curious, I offer the phone number of the manufacturer (just call and ask me for it) and the assurance that if you are not catagorically shoved off the line when you mention a problem you are having with the machine, you will definitely not be helped or you will be left lanquishing on hold. "YES! WE'VE GOT IT!" is my way of assuring you that 22 years in this business carry some assurance to the buyer that I, and not the manufacturer, will guarrantee the performance of the machine. Not for nothing the front page of my website states that, "Service is the single most important distinction between the ordinary and the best." I invite callers to bring me the promises they get from other sellers about warranty.

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