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There are some things we are proud to admit: we strive, we work, we save, we dream, we plan, we spend... and we don't mind making our house a home. Actually, we wouldn't mind to refer to it as "Home Sweet Home." I always get the highest number of hits on my website in this section. It's because of this feeling that people have always strived to improve their living conditions no matter what level their starting point.

Of the home as a whole, the kitchen is probably the place that's received the most attention in the last quarter of a century. People install woodburning ovens just as restaurants do - stoves that are capable of doing a restaruant level job. Gadgets are all over and dreams come into reality for a delightful homeade meal. We'd like to make our contribution to your Home Sweet Home, and for that we have the latest in cappuccino machines, pasta machines, granita machines, gelato machines, panini grills, and more to come! To date we have turned more than 1000 dreams into reality. We make it possible for ordinary folks to own machines that just a few years ago were available only to a priviledged few.

Nancy was proud to send me a picture of her lolita pasta machine, sitting pretty on her kitchen counter next to a drying rack of fresh pasta. It was the same for Tiziana, who was ecstatic after receiving her padova model cappuccino machine that was "twice as pretty" (her quote) as she expected, and also for Bob & Lori, after a party with their refurbished granita machine sitting beside the swimming pool. Mark too was thrilled to share with me all the recipes for panini he tried on his new panini grill. Bob, a pilot with the American Airlines, asked me to send him another Tutto model cappuccino machine because he gave his son his 10 year old unit. Mary Ann upgraded her pasta machine twice in order to produce enough pasta to sell at the fresh market in the mornings.

The best was Ralph, who after buying a gelato machine for his home, fell in love with gelato so much that he opened a successfull business selling mainly gelato. He equipped it with our machines and used our product. It was a little sad when Gemma and Ross split up and she called me to buy another Teresina because Ross did not let her have the one that they had bought two years before. Rachel Wu kept in touch with me for a year from Africa about a panini idea she had, and now she owns a panini shop in Taiwan. A member of the royal family of "Oman" bought a pasta machine for his home and ended up opening up a pasta restaurant with it and adding one of our pasta cookers. The funniest thing is what a professor in Cambridge, MA did with his cappuccino machine. He uses it at school (MIT) during the week and on the weekend he brings it home to use. Mary worked to support Jim in school to become a Physical Therapist. When money started flowing in, he bought her a diamond ring ($11,000). She bought him my most expensive cappuccino machine ($12,500) for his 40th birthday. And on and on and on....

I like to encourage people to pursue their dreams and to reward themselves (as I did too), but without necessarily being extravagent. Work hard, but also remember, "You live only once!"

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