Dear SRE Web Visitor,

    It may surprise many of you to find no prices throughout my entire website.  The reasons for this are many, but none meant to cause any inconvenience to any prospective customer.  
Here are some reasons:

1.  We feel that price is second to choosing the right piece of
     equipment; therefore, with a call to us, we together will
     determine the best equipment for your needs and price it!

2.  We would definitely give our competitors an invaluable edge.

3.  We are not a store: but a free consultant for your needs.

4.  We offer dealer or multiple unit discounts.

5.  We like to reward second time purchasers with lower prices.

..............................and some other reasons that can only be discussed in person.
REMEMBER  that I am always available to answer any question you may have, give you any opinion you may seek, and if you need a price for a piece of equipment, and you prefer me to call you,
email me your phone number and I will contact you. 

Give us a try and only here you will find "D BEST FOR LESS"


Domenico Seminara

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