I can attest that it is good for you! I have eaten at least 100 times my weight in pasta during my lifetime and still love it! My cholesterol is low and my health is good so if you need advise on how to cook it , do not hesitate to call me at (817)640-3131.

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rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Pasta Cookers
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rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Cannelloni Machine
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Crepe Machine
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Automatic Pasta Production
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Ravioli Machines
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Tortellini Machines
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Bow Tie Machines
rd_di.gif (198 bytes)Cavatelli Machines
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Pasta Dies

Dear Specialty Equipment Technician,

(Amateur or Pro)

Thank you for giving us the opportunities to show you our wares. Of the machine we have listed some I am sure you are familiar with, some others not so much. In the event that you needed to consult with somebody about a problem you are not familiar with, feel free without hesitation to call us and either Domenic, Bill, Paul, Don, Billy, Bart, Tyler, Jeremy (See? We have quite a choice for you!), will be able to assist you in finding the solution. Also we want you to know that we have available quite a selection of parts and supplies for these machines. We are also available in the event that you need to know the proper use and preventive maintenance on these machines. We have determined that 80% of the problems are due to poor or improper use, lack of maintenance, or just plain and simple neglect on the part of the operator. We hope to be at your service in the not so distance future.



S.R.E., Specialty Restaurant Equipment Incorporated is your source for LaNova and Italgi Pasta
Machines and Pasta Cookers.

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