Finally! YOU Can Make The Very Finest Cappuccino... In Seconds with... Cappuccino Rapido

with Cappuccino Rapido you will elminate hand steaming of milk for cappuccino and save precious time. Every cup will be as perfect as the first cup... reaching the table hot and foamy.

Cappuccino Rapido easily connects to any cappuccino / espresso machine stam nozzle. The attachment draws milk from any container and produces "instant" hot milk!

Cappuccino Rapido uses do not stop here... it can be used for specialty hot cappuccino beverages made with liquers, hot chocolate, or just plain hot milk!

Cappuccino Rapido is the ultimate in efficiency. It saves you time, space and expense. It solves staff problems concerning safety, labor time and messy clean-up.
Steamed Milk for Cappuccino IN SECONDS! Introducing Cappuccino Rapido
With the purchase of your Cappuccino Rapido you will receive a recipe booklet containing the most up-to-date hot cappuccino recipes as well as all-time favorites.

Cappuccino Rapido will prove to be your best investment since you purchased your cappuccino / espresso machine.

Easily attaches to any cappuccino/espresos machine steam nozzle.

Description Of Parts
  1. Cappuccino Rapido Body
  2. Snap-on Cover
  3. "L" Joint (snap-on)
  4. Tubing

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Cappuccino Rapido Assembly & Operating Instructions
  1. Fit snap-on cover (2) in until slots seat between ridges in Cappuccino Rapido body (1).
  2. Push flexible tubing (4) over small pipe attached to body extension.
  3. Unscerw steam nozzle end of steam jet on your cappuccino machine.
  4. Attach "L" Joint (3) onto steam jet nozzle with brass fitting.
  5. Snap Cappuccino Rapido Body (1) onto "L" Joint (3).
  6. Insert plastic tubing (4) into your milk receptacle.
  7. Open steam jet valve on your cappuccino machine until mug or cup is full.

Cappuccino Rapido Cleaning Instructions
  1. Do not unscrew the "L" joint from your cappuccino machine.
  2. It is recommended that you clean you Cappuccino Rapido unit in hot water often.
  3. Remove unit by unsnapping the Cappuccino Rapido Body (1) from "L" Joint by pulling off at snap-on connection.
  4. The flexible tube (4) is best cleaned by inserting pick-up end of tube into a container with very hot water and allowing steam from your cappuccino machine to suck up the hot water through the tubing.
  5. Take care to thoroughly clean snap-on joint of any residue left from teh suction action of the unit. This area must be clean to allow air to be drawn into the unit to aerate the milk.

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