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How wonderful of an addition to the culinary menu of the USA mainstream. Just like cappuccino and pasta in the eighties, granita in the nineties, panini is the food of the new millennium. Panini, as presses and as food items, are at the early stages of comprehension by the people who will be serving them. Lots and lots of creations will come out of a simple and very versatile piece of equipment.

The press (click here for a visual experience) is probably one of the simplest piece of equipment that you will ever use. However, in that simplicity lies a creativity that we can help make you part of. Two hot surfaces and ridged made both of cast iron (no other metal can come close to it's performance and results) and a handle to press down; All in all, heat, pressure and goodness inside. Let me make and expert panini wizard out of you!!!

Call me for an elaborate explanation of every line and word printed above.


What Fox News talks about Panini!
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How much should you pay? Not the exorbitant prices everyone asks. Who should you buy from? A company that can assist you now and in the future.
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