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Brand New

"Grande" Panini Grill

This panini grill manufactured by the world's largest maker of Panini grills based in Italy is the most reliable machine in the market, to my knowledge. Although many mettles (and glass unit) are used to manufacture, to the frustration of many people who do not understand what is the best. I am personally convinced that cast iron is the way to go that is why I only stock grills made of cast iron. The taste and the performance of this grill is phenomenal. The durability is legendary and the performance second to none. These grills are built to take more abuse than any piece of equipment in a restaurant I have ever been involved with. I could list more accolades however I welcome any calls that you may have about one of these jewels.
For any questions
Call Domenic at 817-640-3131

Cooking area is about 2 Square Ft.