Let's Go To The Movies!

Movie Downloads in MPG Format
      Gelato I (344 K)       Gelato II (344 K) Making Gelato
      Pouring I (344 K)       Pouring II (344 K) Cappuccino - Pouring The Milk
      Snow I (344 K)       Snow II (344 K)
      Snow III (344 K)       Snow IV (344 K)
      Snow V (344 K)
Beautiful Snow
      Acting I (344 K)       Acting II (344 K)
Acting 3 (344 K)
Domenic's Acting Career
Careri Beach
Careri from Above
Beautiful Clippings from Careri
Movie Clip 1
Movie Clip 2
Andrew and Daru's Wedding Clips
Gelato Scooping Milan Show in Italy
Lever Espresso Machine Rimini Show in Italy

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