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Subject: Re: Question for item #3846719349 - Cappuccino Espresso Latte Mocha "La Marzocco"
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 22:24:24 +0800
From: Nick Whittingham
To: SFE <sfe@specialtyfoodequipment.com>


Many thanks for your helpful reply. I’m not really a collector, so I’ll do a bit more research. Good to know there are honest people out there who don’t try to snatch your money at the first opportunity!

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On 26/10/04 23:25, "SFE" <sfe@specialtyfoodequipment.com> wrote:

Except for the voltage it would fit the bill . Although you can get just as nice a unit for less in a new machine. This one is expensive becuase of its uniquness there just aren't very many of them left out there and collectors love them.

Here is somthing new you might want to consider as it has everythin you were asking about but is under $1000.00 for it.


Bill Long
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Nick Whittingham wrote:

Re: Question for item #3846719349 - Cappuccino Espresso Latte Mocha "La Marzocco" Bill

Thanks for your reply. I am looking for a quality machine to have at home. It would not be subjected to the rigours of a coffee shop but does need to be in good working order, and it does need to make a good espresso. Does this machine fit the bill?

I am not really clear from the photo on Ebay of the machine’s appearance. Are there any other pictures of the machine? How heavy is it?