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Letter From Chris
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 23:02:16 -0700


To: sre@sreweb.com

Dear Chris and Mr. Seminara,

I found an email that Chris sent to Mr. Seminara dated August 18, 1999 on the internet. It is funny to think that 5 years later, I am in the exact same situation that Chris is in. I too just came back from a trip where I discovered Gelato. Since my "discovery" I had gelato every day on my trip and now that I am back home I would like to open a Gelato store.

I am currently working on a business plan and would appreciate any help. In addition, Chris, I would like to know what happened with your idea.

Thanks for your help.




Dear Mr. Seminara,

Thank you for the warm welcome and greetings from your web page. I was very delighted to browse your site. From reading your notes on the web, I believe you are a man who can offer some good advice and assistance to me.

I recently returned from a trip to Lima,Peru,South America. I fell in love with an Italian-style ice cream known as gelato. I ate gelato many times each week, often nearly every day. The flavors are so rich and the texture is very creamy. Gelato is supreme over any ice cream made in the States.

Because of my new passion for gelato, I would like to open a gelateria in my home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My question to you, sir, is what will I need to open a gelateria from scratch in my city. I would like to create a business plan to distribute to my possible investors. Can you provide me with information regarding supplies, necessary equipment, etc. so that I can create this plan and open a store. How can I obtain ingredients to make gelato? I would like to have a well-rounded store, offering fine cappuccino and espresso that would complement the gelato.

Mr. Seminara, I am highly interested in communicating with you and opening a store. I thank you for your time and your assistance. Any recommendations you have that can point me in the right direction are greatly appreciated.

May God bless you.

Chris Westcot

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