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Hello Domenic
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:03:01 -0500

Francisco Rivas

To: sre@sreweb.com

Dear sreweb*com,

When I first browsed your website, I really did not take the time to read your comments. At that time, I didn't have a reason to find out who Domenic is. I just wanted to see if I could find some of the products I am looking for. I called you and left my name and number on your answering machine. I expected you to call and you did. What surprised me was that you did not give up on contacting me even when you would get my voice mail. Most business people will call once and call it "quits!"

I finally got a chance to talk to you on the phone. I was impressed with your sincerity and genuine interest to give me free advise. Over the phone, I can take anyone's advise as genuine or simply self-serving. I like to be fair with people and give them the benefit of the doubt, but this is business (like you said, "People will tell you anything to sell you something even if you don't need it")! So, I decided to be a little skeptical and "study" your website to understand you a little better.

Obviously, there is more to Domenic than what is on your website. I understand that. But, I was happy to find out that you are, according to what I can see and tell, a very honest man that actually appreciates his clients ( in my case, potential client ). When I came across your links to your citizenship, former President Reagan, and other personal links, I got a better sense of who Domenic is.

As a soldier, I sometimes get frustrated when I see what some citizens do to others. I think, "I put my life in danger so that we can all have the OPPORTUNITY to live a better life. It is a shame to see Americans taking advantage of other Americans when there are soldiers willing to die for the greater good!" Granted, not everyone agrees with our government, but the truth is that things, in America, are much better than anywhere in the world; I'm not just talking about money, business, etc. I am talking about the simple freedoms we take for granted only because we have nothing to compare them (freedoms) with. Many take our freedoms for granted because they don't know what the alternative is. All they know is that things are great here. A soldier on the other hand, knows what is "out there". We have seen, felt, done, experienced, etc. things people will never understand. For that reason, some will take for granted all that they have and continue to put money first and people last.

Now to get to my point! It is people like you Domenic that I do my job with Honor and Pride, on this land or foreign. Reading what I have read on your website and talking to you on the phone tell me you are a good man that puts people first and understands that profits will follow without sacrificing the goodness in you.

I commend you!


S.R.E. Corporation 2004