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Subject: Belated Congratulations on your Citizenship!
Date: 6/11/2004 9:12 AM


To: sre@sreweb.com

Dear Mr. Seminara,

It is with great feeling that I write you today. I was searching the internet on an unrelated matter and came across the pictures of your American citizenship party quite by accident. I was so moved. Although born in the U.S. I have for a long time greatly admired those who came before me and will come after me from distant shores to build lives in these United States. I am from Kansas. As a younger man, (I am only 33 now), I worked all over Kansas and Oklahoma for my father's construction company. In my travels for his business I had the great privilege to meet a wonderful Vietnemese family, the Nguyens, who own and operate a motel in far Western Kansas at which we often lodged. I'll never forget running across the father and mother (probably in their sixties) at a Mcdonalds about 70 miles outside of my home of Wichita. We exchanged hellos and I asked them what brought them so far away from the motel, and on a weekday no less. With a tear in his eye Mr. Nguyen quietly informed me that he and his wife, after studying very hard for a long time, were going to Wichita to be sworn in as U.S. Citizens. I congratulated them heartily and with great pride wished them the best. I keep the memory of that moment in my heart to this day as a reminder that even though I was born in this country I must earn the privilege of U.S. citizenship every day. A belated congratulations on your special day and may God bless you and yours.

Benjamin Henry
Wichita, Kansas

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