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Subject: Roasting Machine
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 22:11:55 -0600
From: Robert Thompson <rwt1[at]>

Dear Domenic,

I had to write to say how much I enjoyed, ...and continue to enjoy your website. ("Continue" because I have not yet fully explored your many fascinating pages!). I think I detect a passion for the good things in life and suspect you are one of a rare breed of business people who love what you do and let it show!

I am also writing to get more information about the Lisa Coffee Roaster. My wife and I have decided to open a coffee house here in New Orleans and are convinced that roasting some of the coffee on site will give us an edge against the corporate coffeehouses we must compete with. We need a small roaster suitable for a medium size coffeehouse to service our "house fresh-roasted" offering and maybe our espresso-based drinks. Ease of use, safety, installation and pricing are all concerns to us.

In addition, we are in the market for an espresso machine. Perhaps you know a little about them! I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful machines, and I dream that one day I might be able to own such a piece of art...but for the moment I need to locate a reliable and economical machine appropriate for our operation. I am thinking the used market will get us a little more value for our limited budget. Do you have a price list for your used machines...or a recommended item you are selling to match our needs?

I know such an inviting site as yours must attract a lot of attention and your broader range of offerings must keep you busy, so I really appreciate any attention you devote to my questions. Thanks.

Robert and Elizabeth Thompson
Elephant Ear, LLC
New Orleans, La

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