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Subject: Re: automatic capp. machines/phone conversation
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:18:22 EST
From: Kaaona[at]

Hello Sir
       It was a pleasure talking to you via phone this morning. What a pleasant person you are! I took a look at your website, and it is indeed well put together.
       To help you  have an idea of what i am looking for, what i need or rather wish, at this point, is an automatic cappuccino machine with two or more dispensing nozzles, in the price range of 700-800$.. Now i may be looking at the wrong price range window for what i want, but if so, i will just have to save until i can afford it!! My hope was that you could tell me if you have Any such machines in this price range, and if so, what is the very least i would need to spend for what i want, and i will continue to save until i Can afford it. Can you be of any help Sir?
       I realize you are a very busy person, and hopefully this email was read after your pleasant trip to Italy, but to refresh your memory incase you Do talk to so many people, i am the woman who called ( the day before your trip is due?), who has a part time limousine business. Alright, that is actually my husbands business, and this machine will be coming out of my own work money not his. He is really a program manager for a group home for mentally handicapped adults, but we do a limo run about twice a month to bring in extra income. Anyways, the machine is really primarily for me, and although it will be used primarily for friends and family, i do have my heart set on an automatic dispenser with atleast two nozzels.
       Can you please let me know if there is anything even remotely close to what i have in mind, and if not, what range Should i be looking at? I appreciate your help. Hope you have (had?) a wonderful trip to Italy Sir!

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