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Subject: Lovely Reply
Date: Wed, 01 May 2002

Judith Burgess


Hi Domenic

Thank you very much for the lovely e-mail. I hope you put some recipes in my parcel as I look forward to making all kinds of things with my syrups. It was so nice of you to say such great things about me after such a problem that occurred and I didn't mean to sound nasty, but I really was upset. So we both learned something I am sure. I must tell you that you are the second Italian gentleman that I have become acquainted with as we were on a cruise in 1999 and I met a fantastic tenor. His name is Renato Pagliari. What a voice. I have three of his CD's. He showed himself as being a "real gentleman" as you just recently have. It must be because of being Italian. It brought back memories when you and I spoke over the phone as you sounded just like him. So I will put you in my book of knowing a little bit of "Great Italian Gentlemen". I love music and listening to Italian tenors. I am a piano teacher, and as a child, my favorite singer was Mario Lanza. So again, I thank you and I will let you know when I receive my parcel.



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