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Subject: Gelato Questions
Date: Wed, 01 May 2002

Frans M.Widjaja


Hello There!

I love how inspiring your website is. Ever since I've lived in Siena, I've been in love with gelato. I'd like to learn how to make gelato, with hopes that I can open a small cafe where my friends, family and friends can hang out. I'm presuming I can purchase all necessary equipment from your company? after having read your website, there are several questions that I still have:

  1. How often do you need to replace the gelato? (my impression from what I saw in Italy is that you throw it away at the end of the day and remake it early in the morning again the next day) true?

  2. If I wanted to produce 30 flavors how much time would I need that morning to prepare it?

  3. What type of equipment must I need to be producing 30 flavors?

  4. If I run out of one flavor (the size of one of those rectangular cubes in the freezing cabinet) how long does it take to remake that flavor again?

  5. How much are the freezers( grazietta, suprema, etc.)?

  6. How much is the machine needeed to make the gelato? Is this an all in one machine?

  7. Do I need all the other things that you mentioned on your site, like the mixing machine, pasteurizer, cooling, flavoring machine? frankly I didn't see those machines in your packages? (I"m assuming that the machines displayed in the packages is all that you need?

  8. So how much is the machine?

  9. What happens when you want to mix real fruits or other materials in the gelato like they do in Florence?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Frans M.Widjaja

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