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Subject: Need Advice and a Machine
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002
From: Darin Agnew


I was checking out eBay and found your site. It is very eclectic to say the least!

I need some advice....
I'm trying to do espresso catering in Boise, Idaho, and I don't have anyone to talk to who is already in the business. I'm learning the hard way that my 500lb cart and 220v machine are not the right tools for the job.

Can you tell me what 120v espresso machine will work best for my business?

I will likely do weddings and parties as much as corporate events. I'm also signed up for the fair and some other festivals in town, as well as a concession stand at the local soccer fields every Saturday.... I have looked at some of the websites for cappuccino caterers, and they all seem to be using 120v machines. Every coffee person in Boise swears that a 120v machine will NEVER be able to serve more than a few latte's every hour - nothing close to what I need to turn out to be successful! What is the real story here? I know people are using highly portable, self-contained 120v machines and claim to be making 50+ latte's per hour.

If you have time to talk with me about this, write back or give me a call at 208-863-0776.


Darin Agnew

Boise, Idaho

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