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Subject: Making the Custard
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002
From: John Eckert

Dear Domenic,

Thank goodness for your website! My husband and I just returned from a beautiful trip to Italy and as my sister predicted (who was there on her honeymoon years earlier), we fell in love with Gelato! Our daily routine included a tasty cone at about 3:00PM, I am quite found of Pistachio while my husband prefers Lemon. Unfortunately during this trip we were unable to see Florence or Sicily. A friend of my husband is from Nesso a small hamlet on Lago di Como, we were fortunate to stay in his vacation rental property.

Now that we are home we are tossing around the idea of opening a small Gelato stand. We both have a little restaurant experience, and feel it is important to make Gelato from scratch (if we are going to do this, let's do it right). I've just begun reading up on it by looking and recipes and studying your website. I am assuming that the only way to make large quantities of custard is on a range top... or is there a machine that can do this job????

Any advise you can give us is appreciated.


Samantha McCue Eckert

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