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Mike Farrell

Dear Domenico Seminara,

I like the site! It says you are certainly happy and uninhibited!
I represent a company (Italian of course!) that has developed a new way
to manage restaurant waste in the dining areas of fast food restaurants and
cafeterias. We have designed a machine that separates the liquid and
solid waste and compacts the solids to a very high degree. The machine also has
an internal sanitizing system that makes the routine maintenance a simple
end of the day wipe down while one is removing the day's worth of waste. We
have these machines in fast food, school cafeteria and soon to be airport
locations. We have found that restaurant equipment dealers have the
layout design input, service and installation people to readily manage the sales
of our machines and we are seeing many restaurateurs keenly interested in
fixing their busy-hours trash problem. It seems you are more focused on
food and beverage preparation equipment, but I thought you should at least see
our Superlizzy machine because it looks like your new car! Please see our
web site at: and click on the products page and then
on the picture of the Superlizzy. I can visualize you driving your car with
a Superlizzy on an open trailer to be delivered to your first customer.

If you are interested in learning more about our machines and possibly
becoming a distributor, please contact me.

We are very interested in working with a service oriented company to
distribute our machines in Texas.
I look forward to your response!

Mike Farrell