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Dear Mr Seminara

I was browsing through the web for more information regarding "Gelato - the italian ice cream", that I begin to love when I travelled to Italy. And thanks to your welcoming website, it offers good information and an opportunities to seek your sound advices. My enquiries is almost similar to Mr Chris Westcott (Message 2), that I wish to set up a gelateria in Singapore (in Asia) selling this unique and tasteful dessert.

I would like to know where should I start from to set up a gelateria, and what should I pay extra attention to. I am concern about where to get our supplies, including machines and ingredients, and how could we get repair if the machine breakdown. Can you please advice me also the cost of the ingredients and estimated sum to set up such a gelateria, as well as
what is the more appropriate equipments to use to make gelato and how can we can learn to make gelato.
(Kindly indicate the currency used, Thanks) Besides, we would also like to add in some complimentary desserts, and we likes to seek your suggestions.
I am at the moment quite ignorant in this area and I sincerely hope for your kind understanding and patient. My sincere appreciation for all your recommendations and I look forward to your value advices to assist me to set up my dream gelateria.

My apologies for my written format if it confuse or create reading and understanding difficuties.

I thank you very much for your time and assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice day ahead