Message 65

 Subject: Finding great coffee beans
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 18:22:11 -0800
From: Chuck Sullivan
To: <>

Hello Domenico;

I first became interested in espresso while visiting Italy ten years ago.  There were no "coffee shops" in the area of Rome where I was staying,just espresso bars.   This was my first exposure to "real" espresso and cappuccino.  The coffee flavor was incredible and I immediately became a convert.  Upon returning to the U.S., I tried to find espresso like I had experienced in Italy. No luck, so I decided to find out about making my own espresso.  I purchased a book which explained all about the history and the art of espresso.  After purchasing my first pump type machine machine, I could sometimes make a fair cup of espresso, but most of the time it left a lot to be desired.  I then purchased a higher quality Saeco espresso machine and developed the skill to consistently make a fair espresso and fair foam for cappuccinos.  But, I still didn't have espresso very close to what I had in Italy. With Starbucks, Peetes and four local bean roosters in the Sacramento, California area where I live, I tried various beans and blends looking for that elusive Italian flavor I craved. Still no luck. I decided that my problem was most likely that I needed an even better and more expensive machine. My five year old Saeco machine had developed a water leak, and I was having a difficult time finding a supplier for a replacement gasket.   Then one evening, I decided to take one more look on the Internet for a gasket. This is when I ran across the SRE website which listed parts for my Saeco machine.  I phoned in my parts order and was told that a free sample of espresso beans would be included with my parts shipment.  A few days later my order arrived at the post office. The first thing I noticed upon getting the package was a wonderful aroma of coffee coming from the box even before I opened it! At least this free sample smelled good.   I got home, installed the new gasket and turned on the machine for a test run to see if the gasket stopped the leak. It did. I also ground a small batch of my Cafe ESSREEE espresso beans to use in the gasket test.  What happened next ended my ten year search to find an espresso that was like the espresso I had tasted in Italy. I didn't need a new machine, what I had needed all along was the right coffee beans! And now I had accidentally found them.  Domenico, I can only say thank you very, very much. I now have found my
dream come true with your superior espresso coffee beans. I can now make espresso that is close to what I had in Italy ten years ago. You have shown me that coffee roasting is indeed an art form, and you are an artist.
Again, thank you very much for your wonderful espresso beans.

Best regards,

Charles Sullivan
Applegate, California

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