Message 62

From:  Darrell Bivens
Comments:  Good morning and Happy New Year Domenico!
Hello from Houston.  I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality and your continued support after the purchase of the machine.  Which by the way turned out to be just fine, I was able to get some freon and it made a big difference in the performance of the machine with the help of keeping successful New Year's Eve party, the guest loved there frozen margarita's and strawberry fruit drinks.  However I would like to discuss some different options as far as the machine goes.  If you willing to make a deal, my preference would be to return the machine to you and talk about an upgrade of some kind, naturally I would pay the difference but I think I want a more specific Margarita Machine (Wilch or Crathco Frozen drink Machine) instead of the Granita Machine.   I have done some research on these machines and they seem to make a much smoother and more like ice cream consistency margarita.  I am aware that these machines are a little more expensive but its what my preference would be.  Please advise and let me know what my options are.
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