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Subject: Re: web site
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 05:41:50 -0700
From: Domenic Seminara <>
To: Charles Maurer
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Do not worry how the count works! 250 plus wonderful comments to one(yours) disgusting about my site tell the story.  And just to prove the extent of your wrong I have counters on every section of my site and I know how long visitors spend on it.  Also the near 1/2 million $ it will generate in sales this year is screaming at you "eat your heart out nerd!".  Just try and compare how your biggest success will pale in comparison.  Swallow hard, suck your pride, and admit first to yourself, then your family, then your friends(if you've got any), then the world, then finally to me,that you are:
A BIG FAT and UGLY NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*******buy yourself a decent computer and stop torturing that "286" of yours!

Charles Maurer wrote:

> Thu, 31 Aug 2000 05:44:16 -0700
I admit the wrong you accuse me of, however I decided to reply in order to help your problem which is a lot bigger than mine.  As you can see from the counter in the front page of my website, I had 58 plus thousandth visitors(and proud of it!) and no one has ever made even a
slightly (yours is strong) negative comment about the music on my website.  One thing I've believed all my life is that "music is life!"and the few who don't like music guess what?............Since I put on my last replacement gasket this summer I have played Brahms, Mozart and Weber in Tokyo, Osaka, Boston, and elsewhere. It is because I love music that I take the trouble to complain about its inappropriate use. Other people will be less irritated by it and, if they are irritated, will quit it quietly.  Note that a count of the home page measures how it looks to search engines and how it appears on their pages. To measure the attractiveness of the home page to potential customers you would
count the number of times people click through it to another page.  Not to worry, you will not be bothered by me again.  I have found the gasket I need.  I wish you all the good fortune with your site that you may need.
Charles Maurer


Dundas, Ontario

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