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Simpson wrote:
Dear Mr. Seminara;
I spoke with you several days ago... I think it was Friday the 11th... about a 110 volt 2000 watt element I was trying to find for my old Gaggia GSA-ALV 1 group I have refurbished for my home. Though you tried very hard, we eventually decided that you did not have the element I was seeking. You asked me to email you with some specs as you weregoing to Italy in September and might search for one then.  Here are some pictures I hope will help:
Model GSA-ALV 1 group:
To complicate things I know there is a 1300 watt version of this element which is an exact physical match... it just doesn't get hot enough!
Good luck if you should decide to try to find one. If they don't cost too  much I'd take two.  You also asked me to tell you what I thought of your website. Good gracious... I wandered about for every bit of an hour and didn't begin to cover everything... and I have a fast connection. One thing comes through loud and clear... and that is your love for family and community. If I am ever out that way I really want to see the 'museum section'! And congratulate Stefie on her University Honors for spring 2000 semester!
I'll write more about the site later, but I can see its going to take awhile to see it all. Oh, I bookmarked the Tree Kiss to show my wife tomorrow.  Thanks for that...Please don't hesitate to email me or you can reach me after 6 or so est at 864-222-0375 (home) or at work (you can leave a message as I'm seldom in the office and I'll call you back) at 864-231-2741.  It was nice talking to you. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Ted Simpson

ps: speaking of Italy, why is it that, as huge as
Nuova Point is, we can't  get their products here in the States? Their Captain
Caffè ml 60 espresso cup looks to be the best designed ristretto tazzina I've ever seen... low total volume and made low and wide to fit under the spouts and be stable in the saucer, and a nice clean white so you can appreciate the beauty of the coffee. But no one in the States carries that model of the NP line. I hope that as the WWW grows larger the world will shrink a little and goods and services won't be so insular. We'll see. Thanks for the tarantella.wav!


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