Message 45

Subject: Thank you
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 10:55:25 -0400
From: "Nordstrom, Pete"

Dear Domenico:

Thank you so very much for the warm hospitality you gave Tor and me on our recent trip to Dallas. We really appreciate all your help in getting Tor started on "gelato" for his shop - ready advice, willingness to exchange equipment, etc. From what I hear, it's going very well for him. He has yet to change the counter set up so that the case is right in front of the pay station.  We thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful dinner you treated us to. Your friends were most gracious and the food was exceptional. Just what we needed before a long drive back to Tulsa. Should you ever come to Seattle - your are my guest!

Thanks again for caring.

Pete Nordstrom

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