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Subject: Answer to my inquiry
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 11:59:28 +0800
From: nbom
To: (Domenico)
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Dear Domenico,

Thank you very much for PERSONALLY answering my inquiry. it made me feel very important to you even if I have not been giving you business yet. It made me further believe that you are really obsessed with customer service, even taking the time to type by one hand your response. I would like to give you bravo for doing so." BRAVO" You see, I am from the Philippines and living in the Philippines now. It made me interested in the gelato gourmet ice cream business because there is only one store here in the whole Philippines offering this kind of product and service. We have good ice cream because of so many tropical fruits. The sad thing is this shop is now going to close because the owner, who is an Italian is going back home. When this happens, there will be no more shop like this here in the whole country. I feel this kind of business is going to do good especially in areas where customer can spend a little. Right now, there are a number of businessman who want to set up this kind but they are very shrewed.
This is where I need your help. I am jobless right now but I have a little money(courtesy of my employment retrenchment package, but not that much) and I what to start up an ice cream parlor business serving gourmet ice cream
(gelato type) and scooping also that I want to make big in the future just like you. I also fear that if I do not do well, I will not be living comfortably with my family. The information that I would like to help me in is in the following:

1. What are the basic ice cream machines you need for an ice cream?

What brands do you recommend and why? How much are these? In here, only Taylor brand is the only one sold

2. Do you offer joint business ventures where both of us can make money? if
yes, can you give me an idea how you would like to do it? If this is possible, maybe we can see how to go about this and you can enjoy coming to my country and see the wonderful powder white beaches and palm trees on the side of your business visits.

3. In you web site, you mentioned that you will teach.  Do you provide training and recipe sharing for your potential ice-cream clients?

4. Do you have different syrups for sale? The flavored syrups sold here are all of the Stoltenberg brand and comes from Germany and is quite expensive.

5. Are you familiar with the " Italian pizelle iron" needed for making waffles? What do you know about this? do you sell this?

6. Lastly, you mentioned a number for me to call. In our country, it is very expensive to call overseas. It is something like .75 cents(U.S. dollars) per minute at a minimum of 3 minutes. the only cost efficient way I can think right now is through e mail. Anyway, if you have any information that you would like to share, here are my contact numbers:

I will be very grateful to hear from you soon.

Nelson M.Fuentes

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