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Thank You
To: sre@sreweb.com
Date: Thursday, August 11, 2011 10:17 AM


I want to thank you for having on your web site the information on the manual espresso machine water softeners that come imported from Italy. I service and install these and get them from an importer in New York but find that they do not come with an instruction booklet. Your is the only place I can get any reliable information on them. I am currently rewriting your instruction page into a word document, so I can attach it to the printed picture of the softener. and once it is done will be sending you a copy of it. If you had it so it could be printable on a page it would be extremely useful That is why I am going to send it back to you. Especially since instructions, and in English are kind of hard to get from some of these imported products. I just wanted to thank you for your website and wanted you to know that even though I don't buy many items from you it is very much appreciated. I believe I have talked to you a couple of times on the telephone and you encouraged me to have my customers send a problem espresso machine directly to you for repair. I don't know whether they did or not but I do know that they got it fixed. Well Please keep up the good work and know that people not only find your website useful but appreciate it. Thank You and continue the good work and good will.

With kind regards

Ray Beitz