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Italian Ice
To: sre@sreweb.com
Date: 2/18/2009


My name is Rocco. My wife,daughter and myself moved here from NY several years ago. I have been researching opening an Italian Ice Shop here in Texas.  I miss lots of things about NY,pastry,pizza,good italian food and yes italian ice.  I am in the early stages putting together my business plan.  I was curious if you sell the equipment I will need?  Or if you can provide help in putting together a list of equipment?  I want to start off small.  I want to do itlaian ice and a soft serve ice cream they go together well.  Opening this store is a dream of mine and I want to do it right but it is a very scary venture going into business for ones self.  Your website is an inspiration,thank you for that.  I want my product to be just like the ices in NY ,creamy texure,very flavorful,refreshing.  I want to make them daily at the store and have alos been contacting wholesalers for pre mixes and bases on the east coast.  Are there any suppliers here in Texas?  I
know Im throwing a lot of questions at you and I do have a million more.  Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Thank you,