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To: sre@sreweb.com

From : Karl  Berakovich

Dear Dom,

I still look forward to your newsletter,your humor,and your products that you make available. I feel proud and more than a little privileged to know that I spoke with you personally a few times.,enjoying your knowledge & enthusiasm.
Because Michigan's economy is in a continued downward spiral,most of my time has been spent on survival.
Because you and I live in a country that still allows free speech,(usually), I respect your right to express your political views.But,I also think sometimes it best to stick to business,and not mix politics into the same "batch freezer".(Right now, the man in charge, George Wy'a, has been turning out an inferior product,throwing "crap" into the mix and expecting high quality,smooth gelato ,to come out?)It's time for warm water, sterilizer,and a real "clean out" of the machine.The" machine,"our government, is still sound,but we need a better recipe and a new operator.
I have a feeling that you and I did not vote for the same presidential candidate,but because we are both businessmen,parents,grandparents,and sons,we are still optimists!!! Am I right?
I have hopes that we may be in for better times.
I also feel that there is NO WAY anyone could possibly do a worse job than George II has done.(I can forgive STUPID, but ignorant,arrogant, and stubborn,are not qualities I respect in the man who sits in the Oval Office.)
 I look forward to George going back to  Texas (close to you,where you can watch him  ) and spending all of his time "cuttin brush", he has spent more time on vacation than any other president in our history. I can't help but think we may have all been better off
if he would have spent even more time out of the White House.??!!It would be nice now,if we could at least give the new guy a chance.If he does well,we are fortunate.If he does not,we need to vote him out in four years.
We are approaching Thanksgiving,and regardless of our present condition,we ALL have reasons to be thankful.
I wish you and all whom you love,good health first,then good fortune.

Karl  Berakovich
Mackinaw City, Michigan