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Subject: In search of
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 09:45:18 -1000
From: "Dr.Joan Greco"

Dear Sirs;

I am quite impressed with your web site, however I am not a commercial interest.  My grandmother handed down her pasta machine to me (the hand crank type that she brought over from the old country), as did my godmother. As a teen-ager (I am now 41) I would make the pasta every Sunday morning for our family's afternoon gathering. I have moved several times and ended up in Hawaii.  I lived on the ocean for the first two years and my one machine (the one that was out on display, but never used). The problem I have is that one of the machines is badly rusted from the sea water mist and I have not been able to locate the handle and the vice that secures the machine to the table.
Question: Any chance that you have a lead as to where I can locate these parts?
Also any ideas on how to clean the rust from the machine, or where it can be sent to be put back into usable condition?
Thank you

Joan Greco

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