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Thank you
1/29/2007 6:23 PM
To: sre@sreweb.com

From: superdealkaraoke@yahoo.com

Dear Domenic,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the incredible service you gave me. It seems like I clicked my heels and my sink was here. I've never received such great service from anyone, certainly not on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. I'm truly impressed.

Although the sink arrived in Wichita on Friday I wasn't able to pick it up until today. My van was full and I had to empty it over the weekend. They are beautiful sinks and arrived without a scratch.

Don't you dare forget to look me up when you get to Wichita, I'll be looking forward to it.

Thank again,



Dear Ken
I have really enjoyed our brief conversation and now I look forward to fill the promise I made you to come up to Wichita and have lunch so I can tell you about my brief and painful stay in that city.
I am enclosing the invoice as we talked about and the sink is being packed as we speak and will be brought to the carrier this afternoon . I will send you all the details after I drop it off.
As per the payment by paypal our paypal account is sre@sreweb.com
I look forward to a successful and properous relationship for both of us and our enterprises.