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Subject: Question for seller -- Item #2549095977
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003

"Marty "

To: sre@sreweb.com

Dear Domenic,
I wanted to take moment to share with you my experience with your company and your product. I searched for months for the 'right' espresso machine for my new business. Finally, after finding you on EBAY, I spoke to you personally, and got some of the best advice I had received. I ended up buying the "TEXAS A" (Which I believe you are now marketing as a 'Povado'?). On average, I make 40-60 shots per day. As with any coffee house business, I go for hours without making a single shot, and then often have to make one drink after the other. As you promised, the machine (a single group with built in grinder) is more than I need. I once counted 16 shots back to back, and the mahine did not let me down in the least! Because the machine is pretty, the drinks marketed well, and is at a focal point on my counter, I sell twice as many espresso drinks as I do regular coffee, at twice the price. From a profit standpoint, the machine has already paid for itself three times over in 5 months. Today I visited a newly opened coffee house. The owner had purchased an $8,000 machine (and faced it so the customers could only see the back), and I thought I should jot a note to you thanking you from keeping me from making that same huge mistake.


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