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Subject: Thank you.
Date: Sun, 11 May-2003

"marjorie "


Dear Domenic!

A letter will follow, but I couldn't let more time pass without thanking you and letting you know how much our visit with you meant to us!

Thank you so much for your joyous self, for that incredible lunch (Wow! it was good and a wonderful treat) and for your generous giving of time! And for your generous price for the espresso machine with all the goodies thrown in. We are very grateful that you would give us so much of yourself and your resources!

The trip back was long, but we were able to see some of the devastation in Oklahoma City - especially that mall. It was shredded. Not that seeing it was entertaining - just pretty amazing, as tornado damage always is.

We attended an auction here in Winfield, yesterday. We were able to purchase all of the display shelves and units that we will need initially, for practically nothing. It was not good for the previous owner, which is a sadness as he is a good man. But we're grateful that we could have these items.

Again, thank you for everything! We're hoping that the plumbing disaster was not as horrible as it seemed, that perhaps, it will be an easier fix than thought at first. Blessings, Marjorie, Leah

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