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Subject: Your advice and your product
Date: Thu, 30 Jan

"Josh "




I love your website...very festive!

Here's my situation. I'm a (recent) homeowner, and I *love* fair-type foods. We have a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine (I'm talking heavy-duty industrial machines here, not the typical household machines). The one thing I'd love to add is a slushy machine of some sort.

The thing is, I don't want a "dedicated" flavor. When we have company (or parties), I'd like to be able to offer people a variety of syrups to add to their slushy, the same way you do if you go into a store that sells Slush Puppies and you pump your own choice of syrup into the drink.

So I guess my questions are: would a Granita machine make essentially the same kind of treat? (I've never actually had a Granita from one of these machines, so I'm unsure of the consistency of the drink.) Can it be used with a "neutral" slush base and then have syrup added on a cup-by-cup basis? Or...what would YOU recommend for my situation?

My brother (some 200 miles away) just told me about a $300 deal on a heavily-used Slush Puppie machine, but I would've had to go get it, and it was huge, and came with no warranty, so I wasn't about to make that investment. I'd rather spend a lot more (for a "lexus") and get something new and durable and attractive. I looked on your "bargain" page, but none of the pictures seemed to display, for some reason.

Anyway, I'd love to hear any ideas you might have!

Yours truly,

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