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Subject: Very Happy
Date: Wed, 01-15, 2003



Hello Domenic,

As usual.... I'm very pleased with the cappuccino machine... It arrived SO
fast! I was very impressed!!! We haven't had a chance to plug it in yet...
or see how it works, we are expecting our electric to be turned on tomorrow
(crossing fingers)... and hopefully we can start turning everything on... I
will look at your website to see if there are instructions on how to use it.
Now, I can't remember - did you say that unit can also be hooked to a water
line? We didn't need one... we can do the filling of the unit ourselves..
Our coffee maker is the same way... If you have any special instructions
for me, please call me.


I'd still like to get the Amaretto flavor if you have received it in...

Also... I can't wait until you see the candy display... you will be
surpized. We gave it a facelift! Pictures will be coming soon! :)



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