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Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2002




Hi Domenico!! (Mr. Seminara)

It's been a while since the last time I talked to you; however, not as long as the gap before that. Do you remember J J Rochel, the Texas lady with strawberry blonde hair who came to visit you one evening in the early 80's - the years have gone quickly - and bought a Saeco cappuccino machine that lasted oh so many years!! I also bought another machine, Domena (sp?), the black one that you repaired. I never liked that one because you had to hold a button until the steam was ready - what a pain! It didn't last long even after the repair, but that doesn't matter. For Certain - I don't want to HOLD any buttons for a time. Flip a switch - yes.

I want to buy a new good machine for me and probably one for my mother, though hers will most likely not be as "fancy" as mine. I visited your web site and it was really FABULOUS!!! What a great marketing job you guys did.

Ok, I am looking for a cappuccino machine that is quality, and since that's all you sell, I am at the right place again. A couple of features that I didn't like about the Saeco (the best one tho'!!):
(1) the plastic water holder. I would prefer glass or stainless steel.
(2) the plastic tube that feeds the water to the machine. Can it be glass, stainless, copper, anything but plastic. I hate plastic.
The holder and plastic tube would grow mold sometimes. I would like to avoid that.
I also like the gauges that I see on some of the machines. I assume that is to know the temperature of the milk. Is that correct? Or is it steam pressure??

Please consider one machine for my mother that may be less expensive, but good; or, maybe we wind up getting the same thing.
On the web, I found the following machines of interest; however, I do not know what YOU RECOMMEND, and that is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to me. "You're the man!"
Stacy (switches and gauge; is the water container plastic?)
Paola (what's the left side for? water container??); no gauge
Tutto (what's the left side for? water container ??); no gauge
Itala (lots of stuff, what's it all for? water container?) gauge; probably expensive for what I need
Vennre (i'm getting too expensive)
Novella (looks interesting; however, the last repair job did not last and I think I probably should buy new.
Teresina Deluxe (not sure; and no price)

The Napolissima looks like my old Saeco that lasted for ages (any good for mom).
The Cialda, Cappuccina, and the Splendida look ok.

Bottom line - what is your opinion???

The hand grinders also look good; however, I could not figure out the prices. I liked the round one in the middle. Most expensive probably?? What about the prices on those three that sit together on the web??

I sincerely appreciate your assistance with regard to these purchases.

Hope you are having a good year, and that your holidays are full of champagne, wine (Gaello: "wine is sunshine held together by water") and pleasure.

Thanks again.


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