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Subject: Arlington Map
Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2002




Hello again, Dominic!

I am Gayle who called you about the machine on eBay today. I just got back home and online to check if the machine I had bid on sold and checked your website out. It is wonderful!! You know your stuff!!! I am impressed!

I see you are located near my old stomping grounds when I lived in Arlington in the late 60's to mid 70's. Avenue H Street - out past General Motors in what used to be referred to as the 'Great Southwest Industrial Park' I believe. My ex worked at a small company there called Western Aspen or something before he got hired on at General Motors.

I'll keep your website and information and might get back with you. I know two other people looking for a good espresso machine at a great price. One is our church. In the meanwhile I'll start saving my pennies. If you happen to come across a good used machine in my price range that you think I would like - give me a holler. Thx!

Thanks again for your great attitude and information! I can see why your business has taken off! Good service, knowledge and a nice person to deal with! A+++

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless you!


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be His. If we do not, the battle will be ours.

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