Message 118

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Subject: Espresso Machine.
Date: Mon Nov 18, 2002



Hi Dominic, Loraina, Rachel and crew,
We made it back to Michigan in great shape but it is cold. We are all
excited to get started and are waiting impatiently for our machines.
Thank you so much for the friendly excepting spirit that you all
exhibited when we were there. You will never know how much good this
did for Lianne. Thank you again. I have some new ideas and hope that
we can get another machine similar to the one for our home that we will
use at school. I have a place where I am going to sell our new machine
and so it goes.

We will be back to see you again, hopefully with the girls. We had
such a great time and look forward to seeing you all again.


S.R.E. Corporation 2002