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Subject: Thank You For Advice
Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2002



Hey Domenic!

My uncle owns a small coffeeshop in a small town in northern Wyoming. He recommended I should check out your site to learn a few more things about the art of the barista.

I felt bad when I read the part about someone who reads a thermometer isn't really a barista. I guess its true since any moron can watch the little needle. I have become so dependent on a thermometer its not even funny. I promise to grow off of this dependency by using your advice.

Another mistake on my part is that EVERY latte I have ever made had about 1/2" - 1" of froth on the top. People here seem to enjoy the little random designs that show up when the milk and the espresso combine. But one question still lingers.... You mentioned that the noise of the steam will tell you when the milk is ready for the espresso. Is this something I will know if I hear it or is it something to be mastered? If I could get a little more help on that one, it would be great.

Other than that, you gave some great advice, which, I can assure you, will be taken into account the next time I serve my coffee. Hopefully by using your advice I will no longer be an 'idiot barista'.

Thanks a lot

S.R.E. Corporation 2002