After years of advising people on the best combination cafe in the market the picture is finally coming very clear and in focus. I have started to notice about five years ago { which happen to be the beginning of what is now a hot pursuit to gelato.} or there about that the interest in gelaterias and with it " batch freezers, pasteurizers, forced air gelato cases came of age. The excitement tended to vain after a few months in business. All the " hoopla " dissappeared when the till failed to ring enough times during the day to pay the bills. I was wary from the very beginning and even though I was very cautious also not to rain on the parade when people called me all excited wanting to open a gelateria. { often after tasting gelato on a visit in a major cities in the USA and yet more often after returning from a trip to Italy and being smitten by the sudden discovery of the luscious taste of gelato}. During this time I was always searching for something that would make the operator money while gelato would guarantee glamour. I am glad that my trying got rewarded when on several occasions in the last two years, I got ecstatic reviews from the people I advised that my formula works beyond their wildest imagination.

Here it is :
The idea is to open a cafe instead of a gelataria and to offer the following.

A. ) Panini
B. ) Gelato
C. ) Espresso

The above formula will undoubtely offer success unless the location is a real loser. The usual breakdown in sales is the following

A. ) Panini .......................... 50 - 60 %
B. ) Gelato ......................... 15 - 25 %
C. ) Espresso .................... 15 - 25 %

The best reward for me is when I get a call from a customer I strongly advised the above and I am told that panini is definately paying the bills and it is performing beyond their wildest imagination. As for gelato and espresso, the options are numerous and will be handled according to the budget of any indivual place.