Neptune Pro Due Gelato Machine


The Neptune Pro Due is a reliable gelato machine suitable for small restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, delicatessens, hotels, or any other place where a gelato machine is needed. It has stainless steel bodywork, (aisi 304). Polyurethane insulation helps maintain temperature. It features air or water cooling, and ecological cooling gas.

Long duration stirrer with rasp blade in polyethylene.
Micro-magnet for stopping the stirrer when the cover is opened.
Automatic extraction of the ice cream.
12 Volt low voltage safety control panel.

Cyclic Production (in Liters) Gelato, ice cream, glace, eis, helado: 2
Sorbetto, sherbet, sorbet: 3
Granita, slush granita, granite': 4
Hourly production in Liters Gelato, ice cream, glace, eis, helado: 8
Sorbetto, sherbet, sorbet: 11
Granita, slush granita, granite': 12
Height/Width/Depth (front to back)
900 cm/380 cm/420 cm
Electrical Requirements
880 watts
51 kg

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