Cappuccino Machine Elegance Plus

Elegance <i>Plus</i>

The Elegance Plus is a beautiful, reliable, 2 group cappuccino machine suitable for small restaurants, hotels, or any other place where a small cappuccino machine is needed. It is semi-automatic, with a built-in volumetric pumping engine. With double-retention valve and exclusive mechanical seals treatment to prolong its life.

Switchboard with microprocessor for each individual group.
Switchboards volumetrically control coffee distribution level and water level in the boiler.
Automatic loading. Select the 4 different dosages per group.
With the red press buttons we have other working options in semi-automatic mode.
Selection of 4 different dosages per group.
Provided with a tap for water and another for steam.
Copper Boiler with heat interchanger per group.

Distribution groups provided with direct preinfusion chambers, (registered exclusive system).

Groups 2
Height/Width/Depth (counter space)
17 in./26 in./21 in.
Boiler Capacity 11.5 L (12 quarts)
Electrical Requirements 2700 watts (220)
Weight 27.3 lbs.
Water Feed Size 3/8 or 1/4"
Drain Size 1/2 or 3/4"

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