Putget Sound Cart

Carts- front view

Carts- Rear view


Standard Cart Features

Custom Cart Options

  • All carts feature unibody construction with 100% welded aluminum body and frame.
  • Scratch resistant powder coated bodies and doors come in a variety of colors.
  • Superior grade cart body laminates come in hundreds of custom styles and colors that give your cart any personality you choose.
  • Tops are constructed of 1 1/2" 100% 9-ply thermofused marine grade plywood that is impervious to water. Tops are laminated with your choice of commercial grade laminates, are approved for food service are protected by a rubber self edge.
  • Complete on-board water system, including an Everpure commercial purification system that filters impurities down to .5 microns.
  • A Full-Breakered 50 amp electrical system with waterproof conduit, one 220 volt outlet and eight 110 volt GFI (ground fault interrupter) circuits.
  • A built-in stainless steel sink with hot and cold running water.
  • Each wheel is rated at 400 pounds- supporting more than twice the weight of the cart.
  • Low 3" rubber bumperguard offers full protection to the cart body.
  • 6.2 cubic foot, front breathing, NSF-approved stainless steel refrigerator.
  • 3/8" sneeze guard with flame polished edge.
*  Custom-Tailored Designs
*  Stainless Steel Surfaces & Carts
*  Extended "U" Shaped Wings
*  Canopies/Awnings
*  Syrup Drawer
*  Cup Holders
*  Corian Tops
*  Neon Signs
*  Signage & Graphics
*  Ice Bins
*  Fully Independent Propane Models





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