Fully automatic machine for espresso coffee,
cappuccino and latte

By simply pressing a button, MINI AMICA allows everybody to prepare cappuccino, latte or espresso coffee, in two sizes, regular or long, from coffee beans and fresh milk; just fill the coffee container and put the milk in the incorporated refrigerator.

Its simple and elegant design fits perfectly with any type of furnishing.

The new improved froather gives you the best cappuccino and latte you ever had from a fully automatic machine. Try it to believe!

The Mini version comes without built-in refrigerator and its narrow shape fits in any small place. It can either be connected to the main water supply or use the incorporated water tank. A second grinder for decaffeinated coffee is available upon request.

MINI AMICA has a finely elaborated electronic control system which gives clear indications about its use, programming and maintenance; it is possible to vary the quantity of the product required, and also to visualize the number of cups supplied, product by product.

The cleaning cycle of the coffee and milk circuits is greatly simplified by the electronic board. The metal heat exchanger ensures all-round heat distribution and perfect infusion; all parts in contact with coffee and milk are made with materials suitable for food-stuff.

The machine is available either 110 Volts single phase or 220 Volts single phase. The 110 Volts version of the machine doesn't require any special electric line.

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