Life is beautiful. La vita e' bella.

Starting today, I will make no secret that I am 100% pro-life. I am blessed with 2 wonderful grandkids that prove how precious life is. I don't know how I would feel if my daughter would have chosen the horrible. I would like to encourage anybody that reads my website that is or knows of a person who needs either encouragement, guidance, counseling, help, support, a smile, a reason, a lift, a.......... whatever, in order to get through gestation and delivery of a baby to call me at 817-640-3131 or e-mail or both, and I will jump at the opportunity to deliver on my promise. I've been fortunate today to meet a person that I feel is an inspiration by doing what she's doing, and for details, you can check this website:

Thank you for being a friend and for accepting me as I am, or better yet, the way I'm telling you I think. If you don't share with me this belief, oh well. Too bad.