To Volkswagen of America and Hiley Mazda/volkswagen
Welcome To My Lemon Garden!

Never Intended to plant such cute and exotic trees.
This one especially grew in the wild!  Over the last two years, I had numerous small problems
(*) (Nevertheless annoying) with my car that where  left unsolved by either the Dealer or the Manufacture or both.  A few weeks ago, I went to the car wash and while blowing water on the front bumper I noticed a skin similar to the one you find on an  onion. The skin that was peeling off the front bumper of my car in many places leaving red color without shine.  In affect as you can see a lot of ugly scars.  

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I brought my car to the dealer for inspection the next morning.  I was then reminded that I should bring it back the following week when the manufacturer inspector was in.  I did bring the car in and after the inspection was told that the damages was caused by flying rocks.
I maybe ignorant but not stupid at least not to the extent he thinks. 
The reason that my publicizing this situation is that I feel that Volkswagen of America has becomes too complacent and carried away with their success of last few years. 
As a reminder to the future buyers and to current owners the first beware!
The second, be stubborn and don't let those complacent dealers run you over.
This car is definitely cute and very noticeable, but definitely
not worth owning.

(*) All a.m. stations carry every beat of the engine making it impossible to enjoy

In the event you are a current owner and you want to share your problems (I am sure you have some) with me, I will eventually will set up a website for all to share.

Something's Bugging You?


Here is one of the emails I received on Volkswagen:

Joe Tria wrote:

Domenico. First of all I love your PT Cruiser.I had just purchased a VW Jetta Diesel. I would like to comment that my am radio also sucks. Some mornings it doesn't even pick up stations. They had to
change my tires at 25,000 miles because they cupped. They never mentioned, not once, that the factory had put the wrong size tires on the car. They had done so for three weeks. I feel the people should have been notified by he Manufacturer. I agree, VW has become lax. But, remember, they were once before king of hill in the United States, they became cocky an then they almost left the country.
Good Luck. Joe Tria

Elong Ling Wrote:


    I am Elong. I drive the '98 blue beetle over on Ave J. I hope you have all been well.  I was on your website and saw the problems you had with your red beetle.  I am writing so that you can add mine onto a growing list of VW LEMONS.
    First of all, I've had mine for three years. It, too, started with alot of minor problems. It got worse as soon as the warranty ran out on it.  On Halloween of 2000, my gasoline gauge stopped working. It would go all the way to "0", even when there was a full tank. I called METRO VW of Irving right away. They said that it would be very expensive to diagnose the problem and told me just to reset the meter and refill the tank every250 miles.  Okay. Fine. Then, in February of 2001, I was driving along I-30 when one of my headlights popped out. Thank goodness it was during the night-time or else I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late. March 2001: My engine control unit went out.  That, fortunately, was still being covered by the manufacturer.  June 2001: My battery exploded. I had the car towed to a local mechanic because I assumed that it would be cheaper to fix, and it was after all, just the battery. Well, what I soon found out was that there were things in that beetle that had to be reset and only VW dealers had knowledge.  So, I had to have the car retowed to the dealership anyways, which meant another towing fee and also the programming/reset fee.  July 2001: MAJOR work needed on the air conditioning unit. It came out to about $1700.00!! What made it even worse was that I was originally quoted $1200.00. But the brilliant service advise had neglected to add in the labor and he didn't realize this until after the work was done, naturally.  (While I was there, I also had the front brake pads replaced and two window buttons replaced.)  July 2001: Not even a week after the air conditioning fiasco, the airbag light warning came on.  This was absolutely the last thing I was going to put up with.  We are now in the market of replacing that car.  One other note: I have replaced all three of the window buttons now.  And I have had to replace some window lever on the passenger side.
I hope your new PT Cruiser is helping you forget the pains of that VW.


My name is Mario and I owned a 2007 Rabbit. The problem I had with my
car is the weatherstripping under the door. When it started to peel
off around the bottom of the door, I took it to the dealer. I was told
to bring it back the next week as they will order the parts for me. I
then took it back and when it was done - they ding me with $160 parts
and labour charges. I was told that the rust proofing that I have
done after market have caused the problem. I couldn't argue because
they will never release my car until I pay for the bill. I took it to
VW Canada and I was told that they will resolve the issue. A month
have passed by without any resolution and then they told me that after
thorough investigation the verdict stands. I was so mad that I have
decided never to buy another VW again. The car that I had before this
was an Audi and that is another issue on its own.
BTW - A week ago someone got really mad at the dealership - he took
upon himself to make the showroom a drive through. He drove his
pickup truck onto the showroom damaging a couple of good expensive