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Pasta Bambina

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Model Tutto

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L' Espresso

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Teresina Deluxe
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Lolita Pasta Machine

Home Coffee Grinders
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Complete Cappuccino Service
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Home Ravioli Machine

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The ultimate in home units. This machine can be self contained (no water line or drain needed) or hooked to a water line and a drain as needed. It even has ready steam so you can always steam and brew at the same time.

The unit is 110 volts and only 1300 watts so it can be used in home electrical applications. The brewing head is commercial quality and has a thermosiphon system to keep it at optimum brewing temperature. Automatic water filling of the boiler and plenty of steam for making lattes or cappuccinos.

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Regular Price is $1995.00

but now only $1495.00

for a limited time call or email for details

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