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The Tale and the Truth

The Tale

duo_proOnce upon a time, a long, long time ago, on a faraway island called Sicily, there lived an old woman named Nita. She lived her entire life in this little village at the foot of the tallest mountain, which was, then, a dormant volcano, dormant for possibly millions of years. Nita was very close to her grandson Nino, who was a master pastry chef, renowned over the entire island. Her son, Nino's father, had been in three_headAmerica, the land of wealth, at the turn of the century. He brought back some broken English when he came back to Sicily to settle down.

That one summer was a hot one, very, very hot, the hottest that Nita remembered. She was desperate, and her grandson Nino knew it. He had called her Granny ever since he started talking, by using one of his father's few imported words. That day he knew she was almost exhausted by the heat, and he had a brilliant idea -- 'Climb the mountain.' On top there was still some snow left over from the coldest winter they had had. granita_bellini

So Nino climbed the mountain, up and up, over rocks and boulders and through the ravines, cut by the rain like gaps between the mountain's bones. At the very top, he packed some snow, and he ran, down the mountain, skipping from rock to rock like a nimble mountain goat, down to the village, down to his kitchen. He put the snow in a glass, and poured his best fruit and sugar libation over the snow. Nino handed the glass to his Grandmother and said, 'Gran--Nita, if this won't quench your thirst, nothing will Granny'.

nova_dueAnd that's when, and how, one of the most famous & renowned thirst killers in the world was born. And, millions of people are still enjoying it today.

The Truth

rimini_dueAt S.R.E., we like to think of ourselves as experts in granita. We have dealt with granita machines for the past 15 years, and have witnessed some of the most revolutionary changes in this field. We still pride ourselves on being one of the few companies left that deals in either the original, (vertical), and the new, (horizontal), machines. We have probably the most extensive selection of new and used machines in the country today. We stock parts for all machines in existence, and therefore we can help you to fix your machine as well as helping you to buy a new one. Finally, we believe that for some operations, nothing comes close to the marketing potential of the original vertical machine, (of which we happen to have an extensive inventory of doubles).

rimini_treIn the following pages you can see some of the units we stock and are able to provide you in a days notice. Have a happy granita day!


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