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~~~ GELATO---MY LOVE ~~~

O-O-O-hhh Yesss Gelato!!

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Act I grazia

I can almost see the sensation people feel when they call me inquiring about gelato machines.

mercI can feel their excitement when they mention the word GELATO. I can see them reliving that wonderful experience they felt when they tried gelato for the first time in that little gelateria in Sicily (in my opinion the official mother of gelato) or in Florence (Its fatherland), or in another of the countless places you find that "wonder of libations", and most "powerful aphrodisiac".


Gelato Ain’t ice cream! —They are totally different products except they’re both cold and sweet. In the 80’s several ignorant operators, (on purpose or by accident) killed Gelato in America by trying to make it high in butter fat at (20% to 25%) while still, adding less air than ice cream (40% over run). Still today some rascals insist on producing gelato with these flawed procedures. I believe that gelato should not exceed 8% butterfat and 25% to 50% Overun.   This concoction would offer the most balanced, fresh, natural flavor that can be found on the market. It is exactly this last part, the flavor that without the high fat will definitely impress the human palate, its senses, and its inner and most demanding sensations designed into the human genome.

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grazietta Act II

Of course to produce this food wonder, it takes a different number of machines depending on what level of "scratch " you want to start from. (A friend of mine in Amarillo, Texas even raised his own milk cows in order to get the most complete unadulterated milk for making "True Gelato" )


At S.R.E. we can assist you from A to Z. We can even send you our Gelato Doctor Vincenzino to guide you and train you in the mixing, pasteurizing, storing, aging, flavoring, freezing, curing, and displaying gelato A  B  C  "the RIGHT WAY". We can even show you how to make spaghetti (Ice). If you Choose, We can ultimately make it so simple that you can add either milk, cream, or water to one of our wonderful dry bases and let the batch freezer do the rest. If the following pages confuse you, we apologize and we promise to clear the confusion if you sent us an e-mail or call us at: (817) 640-3131.

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