Espresso 11.0

We are now in 2011, a long long time since I started selling espresso machines. A lot has changed, but has it really? Espresso is still the result of an extraction you get by pushing water about 190 degrees through finely ground espresso beans.So we all can agree that the laws of nature have not changed and in my opinion, never will. One thing that has changed though is the price of the machines. From an average of $2000 in 1980 to the teens that coffee machine manufacturer expect to extract from you today. The volume has increased tremendously, but so have the outlets where you can get the product. The average number of cups by the overwhelming majority of those places is still less than 50 cups per day, so do you really need to invest a huge amount in the assumption (totally faulty in my view) that by buying an (idiot proof) no-brainer push-button machine, you will have to train nobody and will have consistency and will not have any service problems and it will last a lifetime and and and if you push through a cleaning cycle, a pill per day, no blockage will ever occur. It will work like a charm and the rest is happiness for everybody. WRONG. You still today can get a commercial espresso machine for about a couple of thousand dollars that will do all that and after paying for itself in a couple of months will leave no lease outstanding. If you interested in details of my above assertions, please call me at 817-640-3131.